Timothy YoungTimothy Young has been practicing Maritime and Jones Act Law for nearly 20 years. He only represents employees, not companies, and wrote this book and produced these videos to help all employees understand their basic rights while working on the water. Mr. Young has appeared on television addressing maritime law issues and has been interviewed by the Dow Jones news service regarding maritime law. He is a member of several legal associations which lobby on behalf of injured workers. His office focuses on helping injured maritime workers. For more information about your rights under the Jones Act and maritime law, visit JonesActLaw.com

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Toolkit Received October 2011

"Good to read and get a better idea of things."

Toolkit Received October 2011

"The more I read, the more I understand things about the law."

Toolkit Received September 2011

"Mr. Young was very good at explaining the law in a understandable way."

Toolkit Received August 2011

"I've searched for written law on the Jones Act and Maritime law on the internet. All of my searches result in law offices. Your company has taught me things I didn't know and I recently gave your number and website to a fellow injured worker. He didn't know that he could use his own doctor and that the company would have to pay for it. Something I learned from your videos."

Toolkit Received July 2011

"Excellent information that will prove valuable in the event of injury on or around the water. If an injury occurs you will get a call."

Toolkit Received June 2011

"Until received, I struggled to understand the concepts 'maintenance' and 'cure'."

Toolkit Received January 2011

"…My inquiry into the Jones Act was about travel pay. I have not had an accident. But I am grateful for all the info you did send me. It will be helpful if I ever do have an injury."

Toolkit Received January 2011

"…Keep it up and let everyone know what their rights are."

Toolkit Received October 2010

"...I had very little knowledge about my rights... you have shared a lot. All for nothing. Your dedicated time and efforts to guide us on the true path when it is needed the most. Thank you very much."

Toolkit Received September 2010

"...Enjoyed the information sent by mail...pretty useful info.


"The Young Firm did a great job for me and I would highly recommend them. The office staff was courteous and knowledgeable, (the industry specific professional consultants) are some of the best in their fields, and Tim's courtroom savvy is an art form. The Young Firm allowed me to focus on my recovery by limiting the times I had to travel to New Orleans by bunching depositions, consultant visits, etc. together.

Wade G. successful settlement for operated lower back injury


"I mean you couldn't ask for any better attorneys, secretaries and even today as I come here, they all remember me and treat me with kindness and love and I tell anyone, you know, to get the Young Firm. You know the Young Firm is great"

Phillipi G. successful settlement for lower back injury

"Offshore Marine Companies know their rights; shouldn't you know yours?"

-Timothy Young

Employee's guide to maritime injury law

If you work offshore and have questions about your rights, Order the Maritime Injury Law Toolkit for Offshore Workers Now!

Your toolkit comes with our maritime injury law book, "Employee's Guide to Maritime Injury Law." This book is more than 50 pages long and explains how maritime law protects the worker. It is written to help you understand your rights, choices, and options. You also get TWO FREE VIDEOS to help you understand how a maritime claim works.

First, Mr. Young's important "Keys to Winning Your Maritime Injury Claim" video in which he explains the most important parts of a maritime claim and the mistakes you don't want to make.

Next, you also get our "Client Success Stories" video, in which several of our clients explain what they went through on the road to winning their maritime cases. Hear—from people who went through the process—what it was like for them.

Working on the water can be very dangerous. Special laws apply to you, and you have many rights that workers on the land do not have. The Employee's Guide to Maritime Injury Law covers many of these laws and quickly addresses the following common issues:

  • The right to medical treatment after you are hurt
  • The right to living expenses while you are recovering from your injury
  • Do you have to give a recorded statement?
  • Does your employer have to keep your job open for you while you are recovering?
  • What type of damages could you collect for your claim?
  • How soon do you have to file a claim?
  • Where can you file a claim?

Make sure you know what to do if you are placed in a dangerous situation. Make sure you know you rights. Don't ruin your future by making a bad decision about your rights. This book is the smart, quick way to protect yourself.

Order you FREE Maritime Injury Law Toolkit now!